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Oregon Coronavirus Update Wed 4/22/20: Gov Brown’s framework for reopening, Unemployment SNAFU

Oregon Coronavirus Update

Wed 4/22/2020

Update: Gov Brown’s framework for reopening, Oregon Unemployment Snafus

Lisa Reynolds MD

This is Lisa Reynolds, MD. Portland Pediatrician, mom and daughter. Candidate for Oregon HD36.

Coronavirus: The numbers

  • WORLDWIDE: 2.5 million confirmed cases, 172,000 deaths

  • US: 805,000 confirmed cases, 40,000 deaths;

  • OREGON: 2000 confirmed cases, 78 deaths

  • Week 5 of Gov Brown’s Stay Home Order

Governor Brown’s Framework for Reopening Oregon

Gov Brown’s Reopening Oregon Framework

Note: this is a preliminary outline. Note also: MUCH has to be in place for this to move forward. But WE CAN DO HARD THINGS

  • Gating criteria: Need decline in identified cases

  • PREREQUISITE: Core State Preparedness (OHA hiring 600 people! - will be managed by local public health authorities with guidance by OHA):

    • Need increase in testing capacity (testing sx individuals; surveillance of all in congregant living) (Dembrow: We will also need to see that we have the ability to do broader testing and tracking, enough PPE, and plans in place to continue to protect those who are most vulnerable. This will include testing of people without symptoms who are dealing directly with vulnerable populations.)

    • Need capacity to trace contacts of COVID patients. COVID patients will need to be isolated, contacts will need to be quarantined. This will require social service support and preserved income to those in isolation and quarantine.

    • Healthcare system capacity to take care of hotspots and resume restrictions

  • County by county must petition - with plan (PPE, resources, reporting hosp admissions), board vote and support from local hosp/medical experts

SIDEBAR: There are eight categories of “businesses”

  • Schools/youth activities,

  • sitdown restaurants,

  • Visits to hospitals/senior centers

  • gyms,

  • bars,

  • personal services,

  • churches/theatres,

  • non essential medical services

Phase 1 : childcare, dining, bars personal services, non essential medical services - Mid May

  • High risk need to continue staying home, shelter in place

  • Continue social distancing, “consider” mask

  • All work from home, decr non essential travel

  • Discourage social gatherings of >10

  • if goes well after 14 days, move to phase 2

Phase 2 - End of May: Schools/gyms - with social distancing

  • Travel

  • Gatherings up to 50 people

  • If goes well after 14 days, move to phase 3

Phase 3 - Mid June

  • Larger mass gatherings

  • Workplace return to in person

  • Increase seating restaurants and bars

  • More visitors to hosp/senior centers

Oregon Unemployment payment SNAFUs

Oregon Employment Department’s antiquated computer system gives wrong information and has not been able to adjust to allow new categories and new rules. The system has not approved gig workers, self employed, waiving the 1 week waiting period or the requirement that the applicant is looking for work. These adjustments need to be made “by hand”.

Phone are lines overwhelmed - avg hold time 2 hr (if they even get “thru” ie not a busy signal)

Oregonian: “Oregon has compounded its problems by giving out faulty or contradictory information, opaque answers and offering silence on many pressing issues.”

The numbers:

300,000 Oregonians have lost their job due to COVID. This means 300,000 online claims (more than the prev 15 mos combined)

OED now has hired up quickly and now has 800 employees (up from less than 100)

There is $100m in owed benefits that have not been paid.

Avg time frame: 3 wks from filing to receiving benefits

Everyone will get paid retroactively

Including Fed govt to add $600/wk

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This website is written by Lisa Reynolds, MD, Portland, Oregon Pediatrician on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic. Mom and daughter. Candidate for Oregon HD36.

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