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Dr Lisa and Dr Doreen Event 3/25

On 3/25, 5:30 pm, Join me psychologist dr doreen dodgen magee for a 40 minute facebook Live event ( where we’ll address the following items in 10 minute blocks (so you can know when and where to drop in and out):

1) How to stay physically well and what to do if you or someone you love develop symptoms/feel sick while sheltering in place.

2) How to tend to your mental health and wellbeing and work through all the big feelings resulting from COVID19 and practicing physical distancing

3) How to talk to children about the virus and help them work through their feelings.

4) Practicing a simple meditation that is appropriate for all ages and can be used throughout the day.

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This website is written by Lisa Reynolds, MD, Portland, Oregon Pediatrician on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic. Mom and daughter. Candidate for Oregon HD36.

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